Hire a Rodeo Bull, known by some as a mechanical Bull, and provide as much amusement for the spectators as it will for the rider as he or she tries to stay on the bucking, spinning bull as long as they can. The bull is the ideal entertainment for parties, bachelor parties, promotions, fun days and of courses any event with a Wild West theme.

Our Rodeo Bull is always supplied with an experienced ride operator who will run the ride on your behalf for the duration of the hire. Because the speed of the bull is controlled at the discretion of the ride operator it is suitable for both kids and adults. We do not have a strict minimum age but do insist that all riders, irrespective of age or size, are able to climb on to the Rodeo Bull without assistance and all riders need to sign an indemnity form before getting on the bull.

Our Bull is fully computerized and features a large digital timer display so the length of each ride is automatically there for all to see. The Bull can be either manually controlled with an eight way joy stick control or can be switched to an automatic ‘Competition Mode’ where each rider will receive an identical ride so you can hold your own Rodeo competition.

The Rodeo Bull can be hired for use indoors or outdoors. The inflatable mattress takes up an area of 17ft x 17ft but ideally an area of 20ft x 20ft is required. If indoors a roof clearance of 9ft 6inches is needed. If using the inflatable marquee a space of 21x21ft is needed.

Our Rodeo Bull is the latest design and having a more compact base unit it will fit through narrower doors and passageways than the larger old design bulls. Unlike some of the older designed mechanical bulls it is also far more efficient on the electrical power it draws so avoids the problem of surging which can cause the ‘tripping’ of fuse boxes – this can be a common problem with some Rodeo Bull makes. A single 13amp, 240volt mains electric supply is required. However, if you have no electric supply available at your venue then we may be able to provide a petrol generator at additional cost.

Contact our office to discuss your event and one of our consultants will gladly assist you to make your event a memorable one.