Now more than ever, companies are looking for Team Building events that will help:

- Builds team morale,
- Work together towards a common goal,
- Incorporate tools and strategies they can continue to use back at work.

Reasons for choosing Red Cherry Adventures – Port Elizabeth:

We create engaging corporate team building programs that can be customized for every client.

Companies continue to hire us because we are unsurpassed at what we do: bringing out the best in your team.

We specialize in helping our clients by creating team building events that align with the vision of what they want their participants to experience and learn.

Team Building our Way

We have from 'Mild to Wild', Extreme Team Building and Specials, each Category suits your needs.

Mild to Wild is team building aligned with your vision of what you want your team to learn or experience.

Extreme Team Building will lead your team on an experience beyond their usual comfort zone.

For example, try our Bike Tours and explore the Wild Coast on a Honda CRF 230. You and your team can join our motorbike rides Rallye Raid or Sea to Ski or for peddle fun, the PEPlett, a 4 day mountain bike stage race or Fat Attack, a 3 day, fat bike beach ride.  Read more ... 

With our Specials you'll get a custom made Outdoor Games Day. Read more ...


If you have a vision for your team let us make it a reality for you.

It has been strongly suggested by our seasoned customers that we have found the recipe to put FUN back into Corporate Team building.

#All Teambuilding activities are customized to suit your time and budget.

- Mild to Wild -

Amazing Race
This team build is an incredible and fun filled day out.


Fire Walking
This life changing intervention adds impact to every team building: Corporate or Management.


Bowled over
Lawn Bowls corporate packages can add an element of team building to any business meeting or party.


Box Car Races
Get the most of your team by challenging their ability to think out the box, improvise and co-operate.


Bush or Beach Challenge
Challenge your team on the Beach or in the Bush through a series of experimental challenges.


Equipment Hire
Add fun and excitement to any product launch, promotion, party or event by renting our Mechanical Bull, Pulse Ranger and Sumo Suites with Inflatable ring.


Family Days
Providing a variety of activities, equipment, entertainment and catering at affordable prices, Red Cherry adventures will ensure a fun day to be enjoyed by all.


Hung Up on Flag making
Define your mission statement, a true eye opener !


Management Strat Breakaway Sessions
All management Strat Breakaways are tailor made specific to each client’s needs.


Master Chef Challenge
Let your team search for their equipment and all that is needed to cook their special meal. We add some special spice and get your team make a marketing plan for the meal!


Minute to Win It Challenge
You have seen the amusing games on the show Minute to Win It. But let’s take this to a full TEAM level!


Murder Mystery
Murder Mystery is tremendous fun, lots of laughs - an absolute stress reliever where team members are transferred into another world for a while.


Prepare to Take Off
Get everyone out of their “office roles” and bring them to a fun and totally unique environment.


Triple Trivia Combo
Choice of 3 Sports, Music, Corporate Brand Awareness and TV Programmes. Challenge your teams knowledge.


Whatever Floats Your Boat
This is a phrase that often means whatever "soothes your soul" or whatever you feel like doing. This team event is a sure way to find out if your team boat floats!


- Specials -

We can organize the most exciting Outdoor games for your company. Or do you just need a super-fun family day? Please feel free to ask our team for details. We offer you guaranteed success with our games.

Outdoor Super Sports Day

Blow off some Steam! Play some Soccer, Human Foose Ball, Volleyball, Archery, Inflatable Gladiator Course and Rodeo Bull. You are in for some great laughs while getting fresh air and exercise. Our ‘referees’ are sure to encourage high spirited challenges that will leave you voiceless and provide everything you need to create a most memorable day for your group!

Contact Red Cherry Adventures - Port Elizabeth - with your questions by mail to with subject Team Building.

What we learn about Teambuilding from Wikipedia...

Team building is the use of different types of team interventions that are aimed at enhancing social relations and clarifying team members’ roles, as well as solving task and interpersonal problems that affect team functioning.
Team building was originally a group process intervention aimed at improving interpersonal relations and social interactions but over time has developed to include achieving results, meeting goals and accomplishing tasks. It refers to the activities in which teams can engage to change its context, composition or team competencies to improve performance. It is distinct from team training, which is also a team-development intervention that is designed to improve team functioning and effectiveness.

Team building differs from team training in a number of ways. Team building is not necessarily formal or systematic in nature, does not target skill-based competencies and is typically done in settings that are not in the actual environment where the team works on the task.
These team-development interventions have proven to have positive effects on cognitive, affective, process and performance team outcomes.

Team building has seen the strongest effect on affective and process outcomes. According to Klein et al. (2009), team building is one of the most widely used group development interventions in organizations today. Of all organizational interventions, team-development interventions were found to have the largest effects on financial measures of organizational performance. Recent meta-analyses show that team development activities, including team building and team training, improve both a team’s objective performance and supervisory subjective ratings on performance.