What to Expect from an Amazing Race

LOTS of fun, sense of adventure, mentally and physically challenging …

The idea of an Amazing Race type challenge is a great option for Team Building fun and is always enjoyed by everyone. This activity is perfect for any size group - 15 or 150! Using your navigational skills and a detailed map, participants are sent on a “collective” mission.

Whether it be downtown, your favourite tourist destination, the beach, the grounds of your hotel or even your own business premises, this program is fast paced and fun! Teams race to get as many answers, complete as many tasks and find as many clues as they can before racing for the finish line!

Great for all groups and abilities as all participants need to collaborate to succeed! Once all teams have completed the race a prize giving will follow!

The wonderful thing about this type of challenge is that it can be customised to suit any group and almost any budget. When there is larger budget available, we include rental of race vehicles in our costs, but with limited budgets own vehicles are used – 4/5 people per vehicle. When own vehicles are used ‘race moola’ is included which will cover the necessary fuel expenses. We usually keep within a 20km radius of home base.

Red Cherry Adventures teambuilding Amazing
Red Cherry Adventures | Amazing Race

The length of the race is determined by budget and time available, but we find that approximately 3hrs is a good average for successful fun challenges. Our races usually start and finish at Cherry Place, but can also be run from a venue of your choice. After approximately 2.5hrs of ‘racing’, we’ll end off with the final task/activity here at Cherry Place where the winning team will be crowned while enjoying snacks and drinks. This is easily customised to suit a morning or an afternoon.

Groups are usually divided into teams of 4 (some may be 5) and embark on the Incredible Adventure Race whereby they will have to navigate to unique destinations by means of cryptic clues. The aim will be to secure briefs and further clues at each of these destinations. They can only navigate to next points if they've solved the previous clues. It is a timed challenge which will end with a final task at the start/finish venue to stop the clock. Penalty minutes are added for non compliance/not following instruction accurately. Some of the destination activities included are quad games, climbing wall, fear factor eats, archery, adventure zone games and many more.

Typical Itinerary (Morning Session)

  • 09h00 Meet at Start Venue
    • Teams are briefed, 
    • Team colours & names are assigned,
    • And the 1st task to determine is the order in which the vehicles will leave…
  • 09h30 Race Start
    • Teams are individually timed and leave at 5 minute intervals,
    • 12 way points with various tasks and clues to solve.
  • 12h00 Drinks, snacks & fun prize-giving
  • 13h00 End; Group departs

An afternoon session would run from 13h00 to 17h30.

Please note that the race schedule is not cast in stone and can be amended to suit required time frames.

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