This life changing intervention adds impact to every team building: Corporate or Management.



We can implement Fire Walking in your event, conference, function, training or other interventions.

Fire Walking is portable and can be run virtually anywhere without risk to participants or the venue.

We start with a motivational briefing – the timing and content of which is tailored to the theme of your team build or event – followed by the Fire Walking ceremony. Standard timing: 45-90 minutes – adapted to fit your schedule.





Individual Value

Modern businesses generally understand too much about business and too little about people. Yet latest models put morale at the centre of business success. Motivated, positive, confident people who "walk with fire" form a core whose strength will show throughout. Fire Walking helps people understand their behavior, and to identify and remove internal barriers that inhibit performance and prosperity. They become stronger within, and learn to grow through facing their fears. Overall morale is boosted and individuals begin to question their limits: "If I can do this... then what else is actually possible?"

Team Benefit

Another value of Fire Walking is that it builds a sense of camaraderie. Together the team confronts an incredible, lifelong fear! They must support and encourage each other. Afterwards, they walk away with something unique in common, and that commonality brings a greater sense of unity and rapport, and forges a stronger unit. Relationships of trust are formed, resulting in more open communication, empathy, productive interdependence and creative synergy. There is a powerful increase in team work and spirit.


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